Electroforest (by night) (2015)

Release date: June 30th 2015
Catalog number: CPR015
Format: CD EP, 2 body digipack
Running time: 26:10

1. Bad heavens
2. Cotton barricade
3. Us in the torch-wielding mob
4. Beautiful bruises
5. The last artisan

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The Kiss That Took A Trip releases "Electroforest (By Night)", a quite straightforward EP that works as an appendix to "Electroforest". It features five outtakes from those recording sessions, although the songs on this release must not be listened to as subpar tunes, but just as a bunch of songs that didn't fit in the smooth flow of the album.

Opener "Bad heavens" is a short but effective post-rock study on the flexibility of simple arrangements, while the acoustic sounds and rhythmic approach of "Cotton barricade" make it too cheery for "Electroforest". "Us in the torch-wielding mob" is the obscure mirror image of "Snowstorm", and it evolves epically from electronic ambiences to martial drums and catchy vocals. "Beautiful bruises" is a creepy interlude based on synths and it's permeated with an analog feel. Closer "The last artisan" is a standard unplugged song, equal parts melancholy and serenity.

"Electroforest (By Night)" is a simple continuation of the sounds on "Electroforest", and it should please the listeners of that album.

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Pictures by Pablo Sanz and Javier Matute