Various Artists - Evoke vastness (2017)

Release date: January 4th 2017
Format: Digital-only album
Running time: 3+ hours

01. 17f - Happy new year
02. Jet Plane - Via Lactea
03. Stray Theories - FromZero
04. Wolves And Horses - Dark love poem
05. Svartga Stugan - Islands I
06. heklAa - bAck to jokulsArlon
07. Thy Veils - Nest choir [live]
08. Code I - Magoa in red
09. Selles - Callisto
10. Ranges - Kingdom
11. We All Die! What A Circus! - Emil Cioran’s nightwalk
12. Mr. Dog The Bear - Fireflies (ft. Ksenia Zake)
13. Gang Violins - This fire (you lit in my heart will destroy us both)
14. Montag - Auf wiedersehen Dan Peterson pt. 1
15. Black Hill - Grassland blues
16. Staghorn - Sheeba
17. Wolves And Horses - Guardian of the immaculate garden
18. All You’ve Seen - Aspects
19. A Bleeding Star - Being this enamour’d with sound has led me to fulfill my wildest…
20. The Kiss That Took A Trip - Champions of delay
21. Montag - Auf wiedersehen Dan Peterson pt. 2
22. Daniel Dorobantu - Looking through glass
23. Elco - Alud II
24. Sky Flying By - Lost time on the pier
25. Sioum - And technological advancements
26. Wolves And Horses - Cities of fallen angels
27. A Bleeding Star - Nightdrive my harvest arrived… since ye reap ‘vhat ye sow ‘vhen a…
28. Bell Monks - Waltz
29. musicformessier - Ursa Major
30. 17f - Energy

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Evoke Vastness is a collaboration effort from Daniel Dorobantu aka "Thy Veils" and "Humming Frequencies" in support of 25 Artists from various corners of the world. Being described as "3 days of cosmic wonder and awe", the actual "Evoke Vastness" streaming event will take place between 31 December 2016 and 2 January 2017.

This compilation contains over 30 Tracks with a total duration of an average 3 HOURS plus. All visuals arrangement are put together by Daniel Dorobantu and the artists / tracks selections and ordering are organized by M S Torabally (Humming Frequencies). It took us just over 2 months to get to where we are (the videos) are still a work in progress but as it turned out, so far this has been an amazing journey.

Big thanks to all the Artists who contributed to this project and as much as every aspect of this work depends entirely on each other, without the artists we wouldn't get anywhere. So once again HUGE thanks to all Artists who shared an interest (and by this, I mean even the artists who didn't get selected).

Mastered by: Atilla Lukinich / DSPro Studio Timisoara, Romania
Artworks and Video: Daniel Dorobantu
Artists Selection and Tracks Ordering: M S Torabally

This website is licensed under Creative Commons
Pictures by Pablo Sanz and Javier Matute