Garlands (2019)

Release date: May 21st 2019
Catalog number: CPR021
Format: Digital-only EP
Running time: 28:49

1. Copernicus
2. Comedian mum
3. Whoever hurt you has my sympathy
4. 3 year flu
5. The Hays code
6. Grimoire

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After almost two years of relative silence ('Punk cathedral' spawned no less than four singles), The Kiss That Took A Trip makes a quiet return with "Garlands", a brief, sweet and eclectic digital-only EP that will bridge the wait between "Punk Cathedral" and the next proper album.

"Garlands" solidifies the slow transition into shorter songs with vocals that The Kiss has been making in the last few years. The best example of this is opener "Copernicus", a melancholic indie rock tune based on layers of guitars, pounding drums and floaty vocals. The most rocking track on the EP is possibly "Comedian mum", where you can find The Kiss in its sludgier and jazzier form, building an instrumental that sets itself apart from the rest of the songs on here. "3 year flu" is a short ballad where simple guitar and unrefined vocal displays blossom confidently.

Post-rock always finds its way onto The Kiss' releases, sometimes in an innovative way, merging quiet guitar passages with groovy brass sections ("Whoever hurt you has my sympathy") and sometimes going by the book of quiet-loud-quiet-loud dynamics, such as in "The Hays code". "Grimoire" serves as a precious and narcotic coda to the former, closing the EP like waning incense.

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Pictures by Pablo Sanz and Javier Matute