Hold music (2023)

Release date: May 22nd 2023
Catalog number: CPR024
Format: Digital-only EP
Running time: 26:20

1. Everything is disappointing
2. Tastes like copper
3. Spiteful hopeful
4. A missing star in the sky (pts. 1 & 2)


The Kiss That Took A Trip puts an end to its hiatus and releases a vital sounding EP that is intended to work as an appetizer before the fourth album. The four tracks featured here rely, for the most part, on electronics and pop sensibilities, but they're all drenched in those classic fuzzy undertones that The Kiss uses to deliver. Lead single "Everything is disappointing" pulses with industrial pop beats and winks to NIN a couple of times. "Tastes like copper" is the most danceable tune The Kiss has ever released and "Spiteful hopeful" follows its electronic tail, only with tons of vitriol. "Hold music" ends with "A missing star on the sky", a more traditional TKTTAT song that goes back to well tested ambient tricks.

This EP sounds like a melodic flare in the dark, a work of pure catharsis after four years of silence and personal turmoil that serves as an indication of what's to come.

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Pictures by Pablo Sanz and Javier Matute