Renaissance ‘2011 (2011)

Release date: October 5th 2011
Catalog number: CPR008
Format: Digital-only demo
Running time: 18:50

1. Renaissance ‘2011
2. Wounded naked woman
3. Birth and death of Jonah Two


This digital-only release is a celebration of the first 5 years of existence for The Kiss That Took A Trip.

It includes “Renaissance '2011”, a total reworking of “Renaissance”, the first song ever by The Kiss, and the result is a trimmed down tune, more straight and to the point, that includes prominent vocals this time, which is a total rarity and something unlikely to happen again. Nothing more than a standard alternative rock song, just for the kicks and fun.

As B-sides, “Wounded naked woman” and “Birth and death of Jonah Two” work as the best representatives for “The Dummy Family” demo.

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Pictures by Pablo Sanz and Javier Matute