The dummy family (2011)

Release date: February 2nd 2011
Catalog number: CPR010
Format: CD demo, jewel case.
Running time: 66:44

01. The condition of greed
02. Wounded naked woman
03. House of the scantily clad
04. Pillars of creation
05. Son of fireworks
06. La dee da (…we sing as they crush us)
07. The chatter
08. The Geneve fires
09. Birth and death of Jonah Two
10. White cells and other pains
11. This place is dead
12. Too little too late
13. Burning chariot down a hill


The Kiss That Took A Trip expands its sonic palette and, most of all, enhances the quality of its sound in this sophomore long demo. Retaining the trademark combination of melody and blurry instrumentation, The Kiss takes a step forward to sweeter, cleaner and slightly more optimistic tunes. Elegant midtempos abound, and the traditional rock setup and synthesizers coexist peacefully.

Underneath this lighter sound (even cheery, sometimes), a shadow of melancholy and resignation creeps, and occasionally shows. The result is an album with songs as diverse as “Wounded naked woman”, a furious track punctuated with highly melodic bells, “Burning chariot down a hill”, which resorts to an almost unplugged approach, or “This place is dead”, an hypnotic orchestral loop. The album makes room for an unavoidable epic, “Birth and death of Jonah Two”, probably the most accomplished song by The Kiss That Took A Trip thus far.

The record includes the song “The Geneve fires”, the spiritual twin for 2009's “Hi, America!”.

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Pictures by Pablo Sanz and Javier Matute