The Geneve fires (2011)

Release date: January 18th 2011
Catalog number: CPR009
Format: CD demo, 2 body digipack
Running time: 15:45

1. The Geneve fires
2. The day the dogs went mad
3. Aokigahara (sea of trees)


“The Geneve Fires” is the advance song for “The Dummy Family”, the sophomore long demo by The Kiss That Took A Trip. Its title song and lead single manages to sound minimalistic and big at the same time, and combines sweet and delicate instrumentation with rumbling deep bass. The single includes two outtakes from the album. “The day the dogs went mad” plays with simple chord progressions over thundering and steadily paced drums, and “Aokigahara (sea of trees)” is the macabre dark side of new age.

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Pictures by Pablo Sanz and Javier Matute