Worst case scenarios (2009)

Release date: April 7th 2009
Catalog number: CPR006
Format: CD demo, jewel case.
Running time: 68:42

01. [king’s piss... the beggar’s song]
02. Yours is a fitting name
03. This is the furthest I’ve been from you
04. Mary Ward
05. Hi, America!
06. Google the one you love
07. One trick pony
08. [king’s piss… the rally anthem]
09. City in decay
10. The atheists lament
11. Tiananmen
12. Demerol
13. Who goes there…?


The first long demo by The Kiss That Took A Trip is the culmination of 3 years of tiptoe releases and a search for an identity. This recording teases the listener by switching between the catchy and the dissonant, taking pleasure in damaging beauty in critical places but remaining listenable and embracing melody unashamedly. The most apparent sonical departure from previous releases are drums, which harken back to the pounding of “Renaissance”, both aggressive and odd (be it awkward or unexpectedly autopilot). The music takes a turn towards a more acid and electric feel, and quietness works as a relief, instead of an objective.

The recording includes the song “Hi, America!”, but must be experienced as a whole. A filler-free unit.

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Pictures by Pablo Sanz and Javier Matute